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"Belle O'Neill's 6 P's of professionalism is spot on for any teacher."
Peggy Hickman, retired English teacher, McQueen High School, Reno , Nevada

"If you have the strength to be introspective enough to think about what motivates you, drives your interests, and forms your core values, your life and career can become even more fulfilling than they already are. I believe Belle O'Neill's book can help you in this process."
Chris Case, retired German teacher, McQueen High School, Reno, Nevada

"Belle O'Neill's book and her guest speaking appearances in my courses have worked to genuinely prepare my pre-service teachers for their future careers in education."
Daniel Gallaher, M.Ed., Secondary Education/Nevada Teach, College of Education and Human Development, University of Nevada, Reno

"The section in the book on communicating with parents is exactly what every prospective teacher needs to read. The students were very grateful for Belle O'Neill's expertise as a guest speaker and author because they felt relieved and reassured to make their first phone calls home." 
Caroline Hatcher, M.A., Secondary Education Field-Based Instructor, College of Education and Human Development, University of Nevada, Reno

"Every teacher should get their hands on this book. Whether they are beginning their career, ten years in, or approaching retirement, this book has something for all. The authentic and human approach to teaching will inspire all educators."
Kathleen Whatford, physical education teacher, South Lake Tahoe Middle School, South Lake Tahoe, California.
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